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The relationship between an animal and its owner is a unique connection.

I have been working with dogs and puppies for many, many years. I am absolutely passionate about helping dogs and their owners by teaching the benefits and power of positive training methods. I thrive on witnessing the reward of seeing the joy in puppy parents as they watch their precious ones learn their first trick – or succeed in changing an unwanted behaviour. It is so heart-warming seeing puppies grow and develop class by class.

I was taught the HUGE benefits of FEAR FREE TRAINING by my own rescue dog that arrived in our home, untrained, highly excited and was also dog and people aggressive. (we have the scars to prove it.) Matt has responded amazingly well to the positive training techniques. He is now my Puppy School Mascot. My Belgian Shepherd passion has made me the proud owner of three varieties of this wonderful breed – and who have made sure that I remain on my toes as a trainer.


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