Junior Agility

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Hoopers is a new dog sport taking the dog world by storm. It is a LOW IMPACT style of agility and makes this fun sport available to all. The objective is to direct your dog through the obstacles while building a strong relationship and understanding with your dog.

I am a CANINE HOOPERS WORLD qualified trainer and will show you how to build a strong relationship and working foundation with your dog. By teaching YOU how to help your dog understand and learn to work independently of you, will enable you to more accurately direct your dog’s actions .By focusing on correct techniques i.e. teaching your dog what your hand signals mean and using positive training techniques we get the small things right first. Then build on this foundation for fun but reliable training around the obstacles. Each exercise is broken down into sections to allow your dog to fully understand and gradually learn a well-executed movement.

Hoopers is not just for the competitive – but those who have busy energetic dogs needing an outlet while learning new skills. 

Puppy Class

8 Weeks to 6 Months

Dog Training

6 Months to 1 Year

Hooper Fun Agility

1 year (no jumping at this level) 18 months of age will be allowed to jump.