PET WARMER BAG (Microwave)



Animals need warmth and pain relief so our all natural corn filled bags are safe around pets. Soothing WEIGHTED bags help pain relief and can be frozen or heated in a microwave. Reusable and inners are 100% cotton. Use for injuries, muscle recovery or just keeping tummies warm. Safe, warm and comfy can be secured to keep in place depending on where needed. 30 x 30 cm. Inners are quilted to prevent contects from collapsing to a single point. This is important for a dog that is lying down and you need the heat in a particular area. Ties are attached to keep the bags in place while your dog eases into their pain relief session. Heating is quick 1 to 2 minutes, and slowly cool to give effective heat distrubtion to painful area. Care must be taken to test on yourself before placing on your pet.
Can be customised for larger needs – call me on 082 3213 648 for details.



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