Puppy Training app


All you need for puppy raising info IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND.


Raising a puppy is a full time task, finding time to instill the skills they need and looking for the information for guidance is now available to you in the PALM OF YOU HAND. Our app starts the journey with you the moment puppy arrives in your home. All the help you need to  – SAFELY AND GENTLY – raisr your puppy with lessons and vidoes that cover a myriad of puppy raising vital guidance and training. During the first 16weeks the CRITICAL SOCIALIZATION PERIOD – how puppy is introduced to the world and scary things in it – will set the tone for the kind of adult dog they become. We help you with positively guiding and preparing your precious puppy  for the challenges life is going to throw at them. So much of this is missed just waiting for puppy to reach vaccination status and age to join puppy classes. Our app complements what is learned in class. Puppies are always learning both good or bad – lets help you make it all a good experience and raise a well behaved, safe, family furry member. You ONE YEAR membership will take your lessons beyond puppy hood into the crazy teen period. You will have access 24/7 to certifed trainers to help with challenges. ALL THIS FOR ONLY R600 for the YEAR. Order yours now.


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